• Being a massive Dark Souls Chris J's eyes widened with glee, seeing the teaser for Shadows Die Twice last year. Not knowing what it was gripped me, was it Bloodborne 2 or Tenshu? Well at E3 we got our answer and he couldn't be happier.

  • In the next of our E3 posts, Chris M is talking about The Last of Us Part II, and why everyone should be giving it the chance it deserves following on from the stunning footage at the Sony conference.

  • Overcooked 2 is on the way! The original, a multiplayer cooking sim (I guess?), was a fantastic party game. I loved introducing family and friends to it because it was entirely inconsequential how good a gamer you were - it was really a game about communication. And as communication breaks down and the levels get more frenetic and ridiculous, hilarity ensues.

  • We’re a couple of days and/or weeks removed from E3 madness, and while gamers, journalists and influencers from all over the world are still roaming the halls in Los Angeles playing the latest upcoming titles, the rest of us are left to stew over everything we’ve seen. And there was a lot! Playstation hit us with Gameplay from some of the absolute gems of their first party studios while new studios acquisitions graced Microsoft's stage alongside Xbox tentpoles and Nintendo dropped Smash. All of Smash. So. Much. Smash.

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