• I feel like Nintendo are maybe the luckiest company in gaming. I'm not convinced that anyone interested in the business has what they have. People want to like them. We all want Nintendo to succeed, right?

  • Happy Star Wars day everyone! With the upcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront 2, it's clear that the series is still pretty popular for gamers, especially with the ongoing continuation of the story on the big screen with The Last Jedi later this year.

  • We wanted to put out a quick message about donations of old consoles, computers and games. We do get asked fairly often about whether we'd be willing to accept old stuff that some of you guys have, so here's our actual stance on the matter: yes please!

  • With more people playing video games than ever before, it's safe to say that telling a decent story during a player's time with a game is growing increasingly important. But what is a game writer, or a narrative designer? And how do they work with game development teams to tell the best stories possible?